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Panasonic's T4 and W4 Toughbooks

Panasonic Toughbook T4

Panasonic is updating their domestic Toughbook line with the T4 and W4, similar to the Let's note models we saw back in April. They're both 12-inch XGA compact lapsters, with a bit less emphasis on the "Tough" than their more industrial counterparts. The T4 has a touchscreen anti-glare display and packs 9.5 hours of battery in its 3 pound frame; while the W4 loses the touchscreen action, drops the battery to 6 hours, and adds a DVD/CD-RW combo drive (the T4 doesn't include an optical drive). They both feature 1.2GHz Pentium M 753 processors, 802.11g WiFi, and 512MB of RAM, but not a whole lot else. So what's all this semi-durable portability going to cost you? How about $2,149 street for either one.

[Via TG Daily]

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