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ThinkSecret reports only Intel iBooks for January

Ryan Block, @ryan
Intel inside Apple logo

It's kind of funny to see the Apple rumor sites duking it out on who's got the more reliable, more credible inside skinny on Stevie J. & Co.'s next moves, especially when it comes to Intel-based Apple boxes; ThinkSecret's latest retort to AppleInsider's claims that we should see a slew of Intel devices in January at Macworld instead has Apple only prepping the launch of Intel-based iBooks for initial release. In fact, TS explicitly states, contrary to AppleInsider, that no professional class machines (i.e. PowerBooks) will make an appearance. The price, however, is where things get dicey; TS talked to NPD analyst Stephen Baker, who thinks a $700 Intel iBook is the only way they're going to compete with other Intel-based products in the future. Aight, look, we're gonna stay out of this one for now, you guys sort it out yourselves.

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