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Apple Matters ponders Apple's advertising

Scott McNulty

One of the things that often cause the Mac faithful sleepless nights is Apple's advertising. Apple seems to have a unique way of advertising their products which, until recently, meant that you didn't actually see them in use. That's according to Apple Matters Chris Seibold, who has written a column about the sea change in Apple's advertising that he has observed in the last few years.

Chris argues that the recent ads showing people using iPods might translate into Macs being shown in advertisements with people switching operating systems (on a fantasy Mactel), or using the latest version of iLife. It is a nice thought, but something tells me Apple will continue staying the course of advertising the iPod, and letting the Macs take care of themselves with a few magazine ads.

Oh, and if Apple's advertising campaigns are really keeping you up at night it is time to step away from the computer. Go outside and run around or something!


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