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Super-frustrating boss fight in Kameo

Vladimir Cole

pillbug roly-poly major ruinWe know we're opening ourselves up to leeter-than-thou dudes who beat this boss multiple times with one hand tied behind their backs and with the monitor turned off, but we're hating the boss named Coralis in the Xbox 360 launch title, Kameo, right now.

This fight exposes several flaws in the game that have really begun to grate on our nerves. When a task within a game is difficult because the game controls themselves are deficient, we get frustrated.

Spoilers follow.

To win this fight, players must use the character named Major Ruin, a hard-shelled spheroid that looks like a pillbug (or roly poly, see photo at right). Using Major Ruin like a cue ball, you must line up shots at just the right angle in order to launch round bombs into the air. If you position your cue ball just right, you'll launch your bomb right into a monster by the name of Coralis who looks like a human brain atop octopus legs.

Once hit, Coralis dives into a pool of water and you give chase, dropping your spheroid shape and assuming the form of "Deep Blue" an octopus with just six legs (a sextopus?). Trying to control Deep Blue is frustrating for several reasons. For one, the player must suddenly control aim in three dimensions (on land, aiming is horizontal only, as the vertical component is automatic). Second, Deep Blue moves slowly. Third, to move forward you've got to hit the shoulder button, a counter-intuitive arrangement and contrary to movement in the rest of the game.

Repeat this pattern of bomb billiards followed by submarine action four times, and you've got the Coralis boss fight.

In short, no fun.

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