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Crazy Frog: R.I.P.?

Evan Blass
new jamster logo

Don't get too excited by the headline; Crazy Frog is still alive and well, as is evidenced by his rumored upcoming cartoon series and scary plush likeness. What we meant to say was that since Jamster has just announced a global rebranding strategy, there's a good chance that their upcoming TV ads will eschew that wacky amphibian in an attempt to be less, uh, freaking annoying. Jamster also announced today that it's bringing its Guardian service to the US, a move that may have been sped-up by a US lawsuit as well as a swell of anti-Jamster sentiment in the UK. In addition to giving parents slightly more control over their children getting fleeced, Jamster also introduced a "simplified" subscription plan that bundles two ringtones, three graphics (screensaver, wallpaper, etc.), and one game into a handy monthly package. Seems like only Jamster can get away with sending you more crap every month, changing their image so they look less sheisty, and announcing token parental control only as the public is storming the gates of Verisign with torches and pitchforks, and spin it all into a press release touting their great corporate image and high name recognition.

[Via MocoNews]

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