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Daystar 1.92GHz PowerBook G4 upgrade


Before I blog this news item, I just want to go on the record saying that I am fully of the school that believes you should just sell your old machine on eBay and buy a new Mac, rather than upgrading the processor, hard drive, graphics card, or any other bits that don't come standard. I will even go a step further and advise against upgrading processors on laptops like PowerBooks and iBooks.

That being said, on Friday, Daystar Technology announced a new Daystar 1.92Ghz PowerBook G4 upgrade: "Like the XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 Pismo, Lombard, Titainum and iMac Flat Panel CPU upgrades, the PowerBook G4 upgrade will be a full system upgrade, requiring the user to send their PowerBook to Daystar for installation. Daystar uses the latest model CPUs in order to provide perfect quality and long-term reliability." So, if you really cannot wait for those Intel iBooks, you may consider investing in this upgrade, although my guess is that once the pricing is announced, it will be pretty high.

[via MacNN]


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