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HDTV in the UK Sky

Kevin C. Tofel

There's a good chance this news will be old by the time you read it, but what do you want us to do: shake you out of bed every time there's news? While you were sleeping, Sky was holding a press conference in the UK to take the wraps off of their new HDTV service. Ashley Norris over at HDTV UK is following the details and gave us the early morning heads up. Hmm....maybe we need an HD Beat UK division?

Anyway, the expectation is that Sky will wow folks with the high-def demo and also announce pricing, availability and content; it's widely expected that the new HD service will kick off in early 2006. The previously announced set-top boxes for Sky service will include a hard drive for HD-recording which is a nice touch for a brand new high-def service. Ok, now go back to sleep. We'll wake you up with any more breaking HD news.


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