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ILO's Wal-mart bound 1GB audio player

ILO mp3 player

For those of you still mourning Rio's passing, here's a nice throwback design from ILO technologies, a Wal-mart only manufacturer. We can't quite make out if this is a bad Rio rip-off or some lame original design work, but it's actually not too shabby in the price for storage department. $100 will get you this 1GB player, complete with a decent sized black and white LCD screen, USB 2.0, FM playback, and voice recording. The player supports playsforsure DRMed WMA, including Wal-mart's own download service, and it even includes an SD/MMC slot in its amorphous bulk, so feel free to hop on over to Wal-mart and get your low-priced groove on.

[Via The MP3 Players]

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