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Skype goes retail with RadioShack, adds Moto Bluetooth headset

Marc Perton

motorola h500If one of eBay's goals in handing over $4 billion to pick up Skype earlier this year was to make the popular VoIP service more mainstream, it looks like they're starting to make it happen. Skype hardware, including a new Motorola Bluetooth headset (pictured), will soon be available in a mall near you, thanks to a deal just inked between Skype and RadioShack. Beginning Monday, RadioShack stores will feature Skype kiosks, where customers will be able to try out Skype-specific accessories, including starter kits that will bundle a basic headset with a 30-minute SkypeOut calling card for just $5. The Moto headset, the H500, will come bundled with a USB adapter, at a price of about $100.

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