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TiVoToGo officially supports PSP and iPod


TiVo iPodLast year for the holidays TiVo gave us TiVo ToGo, and we were all happy campers. Well, kind of. It wasn't very extensible, and their whole partership with Microsoft to deliver content to PMCs never really panned out, but today TiVo is expected to announce an enhanced TiVoToGo service, which would allow subscribers to transfer recorded programs directly to their iPods and PSPs. Of course, many of you are already taking steps to convert TiVo's MPEG-2 format to MPEG-4 – a process which requires video conversion software and several manual steps to load up your portable. But TiVo is promising background conversion and automatic, overnight transfer directly to your iPod or PSP via your connected PC – a two-hour process for a one-hour show. Sweet. Sure, there are a few restrictions: video-on-demand and pay-per-view content will be restricted from the service and recorded shows will be digitally watermarked allowing content to be tracked back to your living room if you get torrent happy with 'em, dig? Fair enough, as this still allows us to view the content on as many portable devices as you like (including Windows Mobile-based devices, which are already supported). All-in-all this sounds like a promising development in TiVo's struggle to differentiate themselves from generic DVRs. A beta offering is expected to begin today with a full production service available as early as Q1 2006.

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