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CF700 mini PC: less Mac, more mini

Liam McNulty

A Japanese company called is introducing their first product. The "CF700" barebones system can handle a Pentium M or Celeron M. The main selling point for the machine is its size: boasts the CF700 is 20% smaller than the Mac mini. But when you look at the specifications — Pentium M slot, Intel 852GME chipset, as much as 1GB of RAM, and a single Ultra ATA/100 interface — it becomes evident that the CF700 manages to be smaller because it has no optical drive. We guess they expect you to use an external one. Other expansion ports on the CF700 include Mini-PCI, USB 2.0, Serial, mini D-Sub 15-pin, and a 2.5-inch drive bay for another hard drive. A package that includes a Celeron M 360J (1.4GHz) processor, 256MB of memory, a 40GB hard drive, and XP Home Edition runs 92,925 yen (~$780 USD).

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