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Xbox 360 coverage roundup!

Ryan Block, @ryan

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We know a lot of you gamers out there are champing at the bit right now for some more Xbox 360 coverage (and for those of you who are sick of it, well, just ignore this post then) ? so here it is. The best of ours, Joystiq's, and Xbox 360 Fanboy's launch of the latest and greatest. Our official PlayStation 3 coverage starts, um, any day now, so catch you on the flipside!

Unpacking the Xbox 360
Xbox 360 gutted!
Engadget Podcast 053 - 11.22.2005
Xbox 360 backward-compatibility list (1.0) released


Microsoft to sell 3 million 360's by year's end?
Joystiq Review: Kameo: Elements of Power
Xbox 360 launch day blues
Xbox 360 launch ? Midtown style

The Setup
Unpacking the Xbox 360; hot unboxing action
Our sweet test setup
Our sweet speaker setup
Our sweet screen setup
Fuel for a 48-hour gaming fiesta
Blockbuster & Hollywood Video: 350 what?

The Hardware

Joystiq, PGR3 and faceplate. PGR3 and faceplate, Joystiq
Invasion of the Xbox 360 faceplates
Xbox 360 controller range: Can you hear me now?
Side-by-side of Xbox 360 remotes
Titlefight: 480p v. 720p for the championship!
Parasitic Play-and-Charge controllers get juice from Windows, but Windows gets nothing in return
Xbox 360 heat concerns are no concern
Xbox 360 fan noise ranked

The Services
Visualize this: Xbox 360's visualizer taken for a spin
Game trailers available on Xbox Live
Live: best way to download game trailers
Best and worst trailers from Xbox Live Marketplace
Gaming trailers are insulting to gamers
360 plays videos, but controls are lacking
MP3s streamed to Xbox 360 via laptop
Xbox Live arcade titles added: free to try, $5 to $15 to buy
Our first Xbox Live friend: you like us, you really like us
Joystiq Guide: iPod on the Xbox 360

The Games
3 copies of Kameo = MS wants us to play it
2K on the 360: NBA 2K6, Amped 3, & NHL 2K6
Joyswag caption contest: win a copy of Kameo
Joystiq review: Geometry Wars demo
Joystiq review: Bankshot Billiards 2 demo
Joystiq review: Gauntlet demo
Joystiq review: Hexic HD
Are we perverse? There's nothing retro about this experience!
Joystiq review: Joust demo, thy game is over
Joystiq review: Bejeweled 2 Deluxe demo
Kameo's in the house, er... 360 tray
Super-frustrating boss fight in Kameo
Joystiq is better than GameSpot
And the best Xbox 360 launch title is...

Xbox 360 Fanboy

Nintendo and Sony line up in support of Xbox 360 launch
Quake IV struggles on the 360
PDZ upgrades planned through Xbox Live Marketplace
Some games not backwards compatible?
MetaReview: Perfect Dark Zero
It's here!
Xbox's corporate celebrities
Line up to meet Bill Gates (he's dreamy)
Ebay catches the 360 fever Xbox 360 as Long Tail video platform
HDTV Buying Guide: Xbox 360 Edition Get podcasts on your 360
Microsoft's hype machine is still rolling
What's TSOP doc? Is the 360 hackable?
Square Enix responds: No FF and DQ on 360
All "aboard": touring the Xbox 360's motherboard
Make your own Xbox 360 VGA adaptor
Microsoft Game Studios GM Shane Kim Speaks!
Xbox 360 Loves Halo 2
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