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FightAIDS@Home distributed computing project debuts

Ryan Block, @ryan


If you're not already using those spare CPU cycles for the betterment of humanity, now you have a chance to use your computer to help cure AIDS. Folding@home, the distributed computing project Stanford runs to collect data on how to better find cures for protein-folding based diseases (like Alzheimer's and cancer) has a new ally — today Scripps Research Institute launched FightAIDS@Home, a distributed computing project aimed solely at curing AIDS. Of course we'd hate to lose members of Team Engadget's Folding@home crew, but it's important to remember that if you have the ability to donate your spare CPU cycles to killing these deadly diseases, you should do so no matter what, regardless of project or team — ultimately it's for an amazing cause. And you bet your asses that as soon as FightAIDS@Home has a team ranking system set up there, we'll launch the AIDS-busting franchise of Team Engadget.

[Via Yahoo News]

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