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iTunes Music Store problems


I've been trying to buy Danger Doom's "The Mouse and the Mask" for a week now on iTMS to no avail. Every time I try, I get a message about the item currently being modified. On day two and three I started wondering, does it take this long to modify a database item? Well, looks like it could take as long as next week. Several hundred people on the discussion boards are having the same issue, and yesterday I received a response from Apple:
"Dear Victor,
  Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.
  We are aware of the issue you have reported and are working to resolve it as soon as we can.
  Please do not attempt to purchase this item again until Monday, November 28th. This will give our engineering crew enough time to fix the items that have been affected by this problem.
The iTunes Music Store team"

Just so everyone is clear: no purchasing albums until next week, OK? Kidding! Apparently singles are no problem, just albums. But I'm not a big fan of paying over $16 for an album that should cost $9.99. And for the conspiracy theorists out there, does this mean variable pricing just in time for the holidays? We can only hope dread hope/dread...

UPDATE: I was able to order the album just as Apple said on the 28th.


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