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Yes debuts confusing PMP-9 offering, we offer little help

Yes PMP-9 small

Time to whip out those prog rock hats everybody, Yes (no, not that Yes) is busting out yet another crappy PMP. The Yes PMP-9 does come equipped with a 3.6-inch screen at an unspecified resolution (read: probably not so hot), a 1.8-inch 20GB hard drive, a Compact Flash card slot for expansion, and can supposedly play straight up DVD files, 720p and 1080i HDTV files (not at full resolution of course), along with the usual MPEG-4 action. The product page is woefully inadequate, but our tipster mentions a digital audio out port; other than that we're at a loss for video in or out specs. Of course, you don't need any pixels at all to enjoy "I've Seen All Good People" just like Yes (yes, that Yes) would want you to.

[Thanks, Steven]

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