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IO Data Device drives come with free Trojan

Liam McNulty
io data hdp-u series

This isn't the first time we've heard of viruses preloaded on hard drives as they make their way out the factory door — but IO Data Device Corporation has announced that certain models in their "HDP-U" line of portable hard drives somehow escaped loaded with the "W32/Tompai-A" trojan. What might be even worse is how IO Data Device handled the problem; they didn't release the serial numbers of infected drives until some 14 hours after the announcement of the infection. We realize that even a good six sigma program won't pick up every defect, but this kind of muck up should really never occur — and IO Data isn't even offering a removal tool (yet). Apparently they expect you to use your own software or download a 30 day trial of Trend Micro's software; thanks for the help, IO Data!

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