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DCRP gets hands on with the Sony DSC-T9

Evan Blass
sony dsc-t9 in hand

For those of you who keep track of these things, Sony is up to the seventh model in their T-series line of slim-bodied subcompact cameras in under two years, with the six megapixel DSC-T9 about to join the ranks of the T1, T11, T3, T33, T5, and T7. Digital Camera Resource Page takes a look at a pre-production unit of the T9, and their preliminary assessment indicates that it's a fine successor to the rest of the well-received T-series. With mostly the same features and design as previous models, the biggest upgrade DCRP finds is the addition of optical stabilization, a relatively high-end feature which seems to make a fairly significant difference in side-by-side comparison shots. Other niceties include a sliding lens cover, 58MB built-in memory, VGA video at 30 fps, extensive in-camera viewing options, and a long-life battery (although Sony loses points for the external battery charger). Expect this model to cost around $450 when it's available Stateside.

[Via Digital Photography Blog]

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