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Half a million IPTV subscriber goal hit

Kevin C. Tofel

One month ahead of the December 31, 2005 goal, PCCW has garnered 500,000 IPTV subscribers in Hong Kong. PCCW is a telecommunications firm in Hong Kong and offers the digital television over IP service under the "now tv" brand. "now tv" will be adding more channels in the near future, including CNN International in January and HBO Family as well as HBO Hits in February.

A quick glance at the "now tv" offerings indicate a solid line-up of over 80 channels to choose from, but I don't see any HDTV offerings. One of the potential advantages that IPTV could provide is evident in the monthly channel charges, although it's not certain if we'll see the same here in the U.S.: you can create you own packages on a channel-by-channel basis. If this type of flexibility were available here, would you take advantage of it or are you comfortable choosing from some pre-packaged options?

NOTE: Often, the packages here for both satellite and cable are partially dictated by the content producers, i.e.: to carry a certain channel, you must offer it as part of a certain package.

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