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SolarCap Light Emitting Tiles

Evan Blass

SolarCap Light Emitting Tiles

It takes a lot of time and know-how to build one of those PC-controlled, disco-style lighted dance floors like the one designed at MIT, but at the very least you can now have your own multi-colored walkway thanks to SolarCap Light Emitting Tiles. Distributed by Blackson Lighting, the tiles come in either 8-inch by 8-inch or 4-inch by 8-inch sizes, in a choice of six colors, and are compatible with most regular paving modules. Since the tiles are solar-powered, they collect energy during the day and then release a soft illuminated glow at night thanks to built-in LEDs. Like all the sun-dependant swag that we bring you, these tiles are probably not well-suited for light-deprived regions of the world such as our old favorite, the Pacific Northwest.

[Via inhabitat]

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