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NBC might sue TiVo over PSP and iPod support

Peter Rojas
Tivo sad logo at regular size

NBC is none too pleased with TiVo's plans to make it easy for users to use TiVoToGo to snag TV shows from their TiVo box and load them up on their PSP or video-enabled iPod and are thinking about filing suit to stop them. They're being totally silly, of course. All TiVoToGo does is let users copy a show that they've legally recorded and watch it on another device (with loads of DRM to prevent file-sharing). Up until now that other device was (usually) a PC, which didn't seem to bother the networks so much before, so why are they all put out now? Because they want to own that relationship with the viewer and charge money for people to watch shows on a portable device, like how ABC charges $1.99 to download an episode of Lost. Let's see if they actually waste their time and money on a legal battle.

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