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TiVo and Yahoo! bring some new functionality to your DVR


TiVo Yahoo features

Fan fave TiVo is trying its darnedest to differentiate itself from the ravenous DVR competition, this time by rolling out a beta for some web based services powered by Yahoo! including weather, traffic, and photos, along with Live365 net radio, podcast downloads, and Fandango movie tickets. Yahoo! and TiVo announced this functionality earlier this month when they busted out scheduling capability with your Yahoo! account. We have to say that these offerings feel a tad late and a tad short in scope, but maybe the prospect of streaming a few show tunes off of Live365 — on a Yahoo! verified sunny day, of course — will be that one little value add to keep Joe consumer from migrating over to the cheaper generic offerings. Dave Zatz got some pics of the beta functionality, and says that beta testing should go into early next year.

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