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AH daytraders

Josh Owens

A favorite pastime of mine is to do some auction house day trading to keep the coffers full of gold. I utilize a nifty little add-on called Auctioneer to scan the auction house and find awesome deals for me. I then turn around and put those cheaply purchased items back on the chopping block. I have raked in over 25 gold in the last week, just doing this in my spare time.

There are other options of course, such as gathering materials to sell. The same guy that made Auctioneer has another add-on called Gatherer - it helps locate spots that previously held gathered items (minerals or herbs). Whenever you need some cash, just spend an hour hunting an area then put it up on the chopping block too.  This is another favorite way of mine to raise quick gold to buy that shiny new epic wang.  How do you make your gold in WoW??


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