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Heart of Tauren Darkness

Mark Asher

The Escapist, a slick webzine devoted to gaming, has an interesting article about a WoW player who was griefed and the conversation he eventually had with his tormentor.

Yep, this guy got camped a bit: "What happened next went beyond mere ganking. I was killed a total of 19 times over the next hour-and-a-half by this Tauren druid and whatever low-level Horde he could recruit." Ouch.

The writer borrowed a friend's account and made a Horde character on this server and asked the druid why in the heck he killed him over and over. The dialog went as you might expect, but it's still interesting reading the back and forth dialog between the two.

This was my favorite part, when the druid admitted he was corpse camping because he had been corpse camped when he was leveling. The writer said, "Ah, you were enacting revenge on my character for perceived wrongs against you? This is the proverbial gauntlet we all must run through in order to have played the game successfully and reached 60?" The druid's reply to this rather philosophical musing?


That got an LOL from me. Good read at The Escapist, and other good articles as well. Kind of a high-toned magazine though.


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