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PSP guerilla marketing tactics backfire

Ed Stasick

A couple of weeks ago when graffiti-style advertisements promoting the PSP began appearing simultaneously in cities such as New York, LA and San Francisco, the online fan community expressed its mild amusement with Sony's alleged campaign.

Yesterday, Gamespot filed an interesting report on how the brick-n-mortar communities that play "host" to the actual graffiti ads feel about them. It turns out that they're none too happy:

"Is anyone else concerned that Sony Playstation paid someone to vandalize our neighborhood to sell their latest toy," writes "Michelle," who claims to be a Lincoln Heights resident. "It's quite obviously an advertisement, but when I called Playstation Consumer Services this morning, they claim to know nothing about the campaign. I guess there's just some clever youngster out here in LH that just really LOVES the PSP and wants the whole world to know about it..."
Much like the recent Sony CD rootkit fiasco, we're sure that this too is simply a well coordinated stunt by some attention seeking fanboys. Or not.


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