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New Revolution shooter revealed


And it's the best shooter ever! Well, that's what developer NIBRIS have to say about Raid Over The River, a game they claim to be in the works for the Revolution. The current build of the supposedly seminal shooter is actually not running on a Revolution development kit but has instead been put together on a high-end PC. The development team is still waiting for a proper kit, but has chosen to move ahead with the game anyway, firmly keeping in mind the ways in which they plan to use Nintendo's unique controller.

The game's project leader and tongue wrangler, Piotr Orlowski, admits that not only is the Revolution controller "like a beautiful dream," but he kinda likes Nintendo in general.

"Nintendo is our life. We have all of the Nintendo consoles; we are fans."

We'll try to learn more about the game as development progresses, but for now, you can check out the rest of the article at Revolution Report and lovingly gaze at some screenshots and beautiful artwork at the game's official website.

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