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The NYT drives over a Vertu Ascent Motorsport with a Porsche

Ryan Block, @ryan

Vertu Ascent Motorsport

Remember the limited edition Vertu Ascent Motorsport? The one inlaid with carbon fiber, petroleum-resistant automotive leather, and the super strong composite material Liquidmetal? Well, Vertu claimed in its press materials that its construction "makes it so durable, it can even withstand being run over by the very F1 Porsche the design was inspired from." Normally we'd tag this as marketing fluff and call it a day, but the NY Times got their paws on the near-$6,000 phone to take it for a very special kind of test drive. They wanted to call Vertu's bluff and roll over it with a Porsche — which they did, actually. Five times with a 2,800-pound Boxster. The result? The phone emerged without a crack or scratch. And we'll never ever doubt Vertu again.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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