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WoW pen and paper games

Mark Asher

Blizz Planet has an interview with Luke Johnson, the freelance writer and designer of the World of Warcraft RPG books from White Wolf Publishing. (White Wolf is the company behind the Vampire game, as well as several others.) These books use the D20 game system from the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons.

The interview touches on how Johnson works closely with Blizzard to ensure that World of Warcraft lore in the pen and paper RPG books he creates is in line with Blizzard's vision. How involved is Blizzard? "They are very involved, Chris Metzen especially. They (and some other fine folks at Blizzard) are always available to answer our questions. Totally random ones; I'm sure some of them they haven't even really thought of before. (For example, what do murlocs speak? How long do satyrs live? What do you call that crazy weapon that shadow hunters wield?) They're very nice and patient about it."

In fact, these books may reveal some upcoming content in WoW before it is in the game. Lands of Mystery, which is due out in January of 2006, includes lots of information on the South Seas and Northrend that hasn't made it into WoW yet. The book is also narrated by dwarven explorer Brann Bronzebeard, so that could be entertaining for WoW players even if you don't ever plan on playing a pen and paper version of WoW.

[Via Blizz Planet]


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