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20 questions for Out of this World creator

Out of this World

When I was 11, the family went to see my aunt in New Hampshire. It was the first time I had been to her house and I have never been back there since and the memories I have of that week remain potent. Most potent among them, however, are the hours I spent playing Out of this World holed up in the only room in the house with a television. Before leaving, I was so captured by the look and elegance of everything in the game, I packed the Genesis and extended the game's rental. So it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome the return of that game's designer, Eric Chahi.

Edge Online has added another of their weekly interviews, this time asking Eric Chahi his thoughts on everything from what game he is most looking forward to to what other developers he admires. "It can be anyone from established people like Peter Molyneux, Keita Takahashi, or small independent developers who create and publish outside the mainstream." He says his next title is still in the "theoretical" phase, but does have some kind words for Nintendo's new controller. After a long hiatus from making games, we look forward to seeing what Mr. Chahi has in store for us.

(Notes: The title for our European and Australian readers was Another World. The cover art was also designed by Mr. Chahi and was gathered from GameSpy's Top Ten Best Box Arts, where it ranked third. Indeed!)

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