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"Blowfly" flying, buzzing alarm clock

Evan Blass


Using pretty much the same concept as the hanging alarm clock that we brought you a while back, the "blowfly" concept clock forces users to get out of bed in order to disable the alarm. Unlike the hanging model though, which raises itself a little higher each time you hit snooze, the blowfly is actually a mini-copter that flies around the room emitting what is supposedly an annoying, mosquito-like buzzing. Artist/designer Ena Macana won third place for the project at this year's Taiwan International Design Competition, although unfortunately there are no indications that it will become commercially available. And remember, those of you who can't get out of bed no matter what can look into that inflatable pillow that breaks your spine if you don't wake up—some people need a little extra motivation.

[Via Yanko Design and Gadget Review]

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