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Madden 06 comparison: HD and SD

Kevin C. Tofel


Sorry for the bad quality of the pic, but then again, this is a shot of Madden '06 using the standard Xbox 360 cables. My digital camera didn't really do it justice, so I may have to ask these guys for some advice going forward! Please don't attribute ALL of the fuzziness to the SD version; I might have had a little image stabilization problem. Do take note of a few specifics in the pic because I've got the same screen using the HD cables with the 360 after the jump!

  • You can't see the entire offensive line
  • The dialog box is smack-next to the running back (hope he doesn't run left!)
  • You can barely see the game clock at the top of the screen
  • There are nine sections of fans viewable
Check for these on the high-def version after the jump. I used the same 34-inch widescreen CRT for both shots; the only difference is the cable used. If you want to see more of these comparisons, let us know in the comments. We can't promise to do every game because that would bankrupt us, but we'll do what we can!

Madden '06 in 1080i using the HD cables on the Xbox 360:
Madden 06 in HD

  • I see seven men on the offensive line
  • The dialog box is not as obtrusive to our friendly li'l running back
  • The game clock appears farther away, but is readable when viewing the set
  • You can see almost a quarter of the stadium's fans
The entire perspective of the shot looks more realistic in high-def and, of course, the graphics are more detailed in general. What do you think? Did EA score a touchdown with the high-def view of Madden '06 or is this a fumble?

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