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PetCell GPS tracker phone for dogs


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PetCell dog cellphone

Aw yeah, you know Fido ain't be going nowhere these days if he isn't sporting a cellie, and now he can impress the ladies with some cameraphone action. PetsMobility threw down the PetsCell last year, and now they're losing an "s" and going for broke with their latest version, PetCell. Due next March, the collar mounted phone lets you talk to that furry buddy of yours, and he can even talk back, pleading with you to stop the insanity. You can assign a GPS fence for keeping track of your dog (which would seem to be as effective, though more degrading, for a kid), with his exact location accessible through a call center, and once someone does find the runaway mutt they can phone home with the "call owner" button. The $350-ish phone also supports a wireless camera for "search-and-rescue or bomb-squad missions," but we're sure you can come up with something a bit more frivolous than that.

[Via I4U]

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