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Sony's Snap Lab commercial photo printer

Liam McNulty
sony snap lab

The "Snap Lab" is a new digital photo printer from Sony for commercial use, but if you can afford the ~$1,650 price tag, be our guest and pick one up for the wife and kids. The LCD you see there is no joke; it's an 8-inch touchscreen with a 640 x 480 dot resolution. It takes rolls of photo paper instead of sheets, so it can print as many as 300 pictures in one go, at a rate of 13 seconds per photo. Sounds fine to us. JPEG, TIFF, and BMP images up to 6400 x 4800 (that's what, like 30MP?) are supported, and the Snap Lab features integrated Memory Stick, CompactFlash, SD, SmartMedia, xD, and USB slots. Now let's all guess how much a replacement ink ribbon costs.

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