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Dec. 7: What's on HDTV Today

Kevin C. Tofel

What we're watching: Hey, did "That 70's Show" just catch up to us in the new millenium or have I missed this? Looks like the show is on in high-definition tonight with a new episode at 8 p.m. in 720p. GROOVY! I've watched re-runs in syndication, so I'll tune in to Fox to catch up on the program.

If you yearn for programming plots from wa-a-a-y before 1976, you can travel back to The Third Age on TNT-HD at 8 p.m. instead. "The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" is presented in a 1080i format; I may switch over to see if they're really showing this in high-def and true widescreen.

Before I forget: is anyone else besides me wondering why nobody is showing "Pearl Harbor" in HD tonight???

After the jump is our traditional listing of HD programs throughout the night.

Here are some other HDTV programs showing on selected networks today. All times are Eastern:

ABC (720p): George Lopez (8 p.m.), Freddie (8:30 p.m.), Lost (9 p.m.), Alias (10 p.m)

CBS (1080i)
: Pope John Paul II [conclusion] (8 p.m.), CSI: New York (10 p.m.), The Late Show with David Letterman (11:35 p.m.)

NBC (1080i): E-Ring (8 p.m.), Law & Order (10 p.m.), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35 p.m.)

Fox (720p):
That 70's Show (8 p.m.), Stacked (8:30 p.m.)

UPN (1080i): Veronica Mars (9 p.m.)

WB (1080i): One Tree Hill (8 p.m.), Related (9 p.m.)

HDNet (1080i): World Report (7:05 p.m.), Blind Justice (8 & 11 p.m.), Boomtown (9 p.m.), The Agency (10 p.m.)

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