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Panic updates Unison, gives away iPod


The folks at Panic have released an update to Unison, their swanky Usenet client for Mac OS X. In typical Panic style, Unison puts a very nice interface (it has won two Apple Design awards) and a slew of great features on Usenet. With Unison, downloading is very easy, you can set up buddies, stream Mp3's, sort by groups and favorites and more. Today, Panic released version 1.7.1, which includes binary uploading and posting, a new "crossposts" rule that allows you to filter on crossposted group names and a laundry list of fixes.

If you purchase Unison by December 30, 2005, you will be entered to win a special "Panic nano," which is a white, 4GB iPod nano with the Panic logo engraved on the back. Unison costs $24.95 and requires Mac OS 10.2 or later.

[Via MacMiunte]


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