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Bizarro World: Creative to sue Apple?

Scott McNulty

No, the iPod isn't coming in green now, Creative just introduced the Zen Vision:M (with video) which bears a striking resemblance to that little white (or black) mp3 player we all know and love. The resemblance isn't only skin deep though, and Engadget has some pics to prove it. Check out that UI, look familiar? That's right, why reinvent the wheel when Apple has come up with a pretty darned good system. Way to go, Creative.

But wait, there's more! It seems that Creative is planning on going after Apple for patent infringement, since Creative claims that they patented this hierarchical menu system first. Luckily Apple has a well fed and trained legal team that is backed by all that sweet, sweet iPod money so I wouldn't expect a quick resolution to this one, kids.

Thanks, Joshua


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