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Revolution demo'ed in NYC

revolution controller

MTV's Stephen Totilo has been on a roll lately. It continues with his being invited by the Big N to play the hands-on demos we heard about in September. On the 39th floor of a midtown Manhattan hotel, the Reginator showed off the goods, but there was also talk of possibilities. Nintendo's Head of localization Bill Trinen said during the demos, "I want a Western. I want to stand there and draw my gun." They also discussed cooking and fitness games, two-controller, two-fisted boxing games and "survival-horror games that might have the player using one controller to point a gun and another to scan the scene as a flashlight."

Since we weren't invited to play with the pretty little thing, we'll have to settle for make-believe. Oh Revolution controller, how we long to hold you.

[Thanks, C-Dub]

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