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Video of streaming HDTV to an Xbox 360

Kevin C. Tofel

You didn't think we were really done with our Windows Media Center project, did ya? No way! Sure we built the WMCE with HDTV compatibility for under a grand, but we're also streaming high-def content to our Xbox 360!

To illustrate this, we captured a video for your viewing pleasure; sorry it's not in high-def. Actually, the video quality does this project no justice, but it does show you that you can wirelessly stream HDTV from a WMCE PC to an Xbox 360. Don't judge the video on the quality; watch this for the content and the concept; we already know we won't be winning an Oscar for it!

You can download the 72.5 MB QuickTime file here or by clicking on the image above. The video is roughly 5 minutes and 27 seconds long and is best viewed in small window, as it doesn't scale up well.


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