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BlizzCon Costume Contest Winners

Mark Asher

Proving that a picture is worth a thousand Murloc gurgles, Blizzard has posted some photos of the winners and runners-up of the BlizzCon Costume Contest. Some great photos and proof that some people have a little too much time on their hands (says the guy who plays so much WoW he has an impulse to say "LOL!" instead of laughing at office jokes).

You can even see a slideshow of the winning costume as a work-in-progress, compliments of the mother who spent three weeks working on it. "
It was the hardest costume I had ever created. I used hockey equipment, car parts, stove pipe and yes even dog Frisbees." Dog frisbees! Someone's bucking for mother of the year awards!

Check out the great costumes in the photos. Looks like a fun time for contestants and attendees alike. And for all you guys enamored with the cutie in the Starcraft Ghost costume, just remember how Kerrigan turned out with that permanent bad hair day courtesy of the Zerg. That, and if you hit on her she'd probably just vaporize you or something.


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