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How Much is Too Much?

Damien Barrett

How much time on WoW is too much? There's a player on realm Destromath (main character is a Night Elf Druid named Stian) who's posted a screenshot proving that he's played WoW for 200 days. That's 200 days of playing time, not 200 days of having the game installed.

To me, this is shocking. I've clocked a pitiful 20 days in comparison, and have yet to make it to 60 with one of my characters (though I'm close with my Dwarf Pally). I have several alts, mostly in the 30's and lately I've been spending time with the two characters I rolled for our upcoming WoW Insider guild (on realms Akama (Horde) and Chromaggus (Alliance)). As soon as we have enough gold to properly make a guild, I'll be announcing its launch here. Both C.K. and I have been saving.

Is 200 days of playing time too much? I'm of the opinion that it probably is and that while I'm sure this person is nice enough, the math tells the truth of it. He's been playing 14-16 hours a day since the game was released. I think that's an unhealthy amount of time to be spending with this game. I won't be as rude as some of the people in the forum, but I will say this to Stian--you should probably focus on something else for awhile. Were you to devote even half that time to something else, you'd probably be quite successful at it. Of course it's a free country and you can do whatever you want; I just think you might re-evaluate your priorities a bit. Good luck to you.


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