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Home Depot: drywall, toilets and HDTVs

Matt Burns

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be selling HDTVs? ZDNet noticed that Home Depot now offers LCDs and plasmas up to 42-inches from the entry-level brand Polaroid to high consumer level Panasonic. No, seriously, they seem to be popping up everywhere. LCD TVs are small and sell themselves if put in the right venue. They are achieving a level of penetration that cell phones did a few years ago.

My grocery store offers me milk, eggs, cell phones and now, yes, 15-inch LCDs. NOTE: I didn't say everyone is selling quality HDTVs. This is not a Wal-Mart size store ether. Just a normal size grocery store that has a little area cornered offer for items like these. Unlike cell phones though, these sets tend to be very entry level TVs should be generally avoided if the consumer is looking for a quality TV.  But what do you expect from a TV that comes from the same store that sells wine-in-a-box?

Have you noticed anywhere else that is weirder then a grocery store that sells HDTVs?


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