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Sony boss: "HD Era doesn't start until we're on the market"


SCE prez Phil Harrison is said to lay the verbal smackdown on the Xbox 360 in an interview with tomorrow. Among other things, he says the 360 doesn't play high definition movies and doesn't have true high definition functionality. He cites the lack of high definition DVD support and 1080p HDTV output as reasons why the Xbox 360 does not provide the high definition experience the PS3 will next year.

Bold words, but it really feels like just bluster until Sony shows off playable games and locks down a US launch timeframe. It is true that we will not see how the content and display capabilities plus the overall game quality of both systems match up until both big players are at the table.

Still, even though Phil says the high definition party hasn't started yet, I am drunk off of Project Gotham 3 and I'm pretty sure that's Kevin passed out in the corner with a lampshade on his head. We'll wake him up in time before the PS3 gets here, promise.

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