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Think Outside to revive Virgin's Boomtube speaker system

Marc Perton

virgin boomtube

If you want one of Virgin's now-discontinued Pringles can-esque Boomtube portable speaker systems, you have two choices: you can pick one up at bargain basement prices from shops that still have them in stock. Or, starting later this month, you can buy a newly resurrected Boomtube from Think Outside, which has taken over the brand. The Think Outside Boomtube H2O1 will have specs on par with the Virgin Boomtube EX, including 40 watts of power, MaxBass bass-boosting circuitry, and an integrated subwoofer. No word on pricing, but the Virgin version (please say that 10 times fast) listed for $140 and now goes for about $60, so we expect this to go for a little bit more than that low end. Also no word on whether Think Outside has kept the Boomtube's most unique feature: a volume control that really does go to 11. Considering that Think Outside has lined up David Lee Roth and not Nigel Tufnel to endorse it, we fear this function may be gone. Then again, given the recent trajectory of Diamond Dave's career, he may be auditioning for Nigel's band pretty soon, so hopefully Think Outside has kept the dial as-is.

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