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Commodore back on the scene at CES

Evan Blass
comoodore navigator

We fondly remember playing old school classics like California Games on a Commodore 64 way back in elementary school computer class (we'd zip through the five line "programming exercise" pretty quickly, so we had a lot of free time to game), so it's nice to see that Commodore will be making a resurgence at next month's CES. Seemingly unfamiliar with Moore's Law, Commodore will be announcing a gaming console designed to "compete head-to-head with the Xbox 360," which "improves on all aspects of our previous offerings by including a blazingly fast 100 MHz processor, an entire MB of RAM, and a state-of-the-art 3.5-inch floppy disk drive for easy portability." Seriously though, we've been following Commodore's transformation since they were purchased by Yeahronimo Media Ventures last year, and the Navigator GPS/PMP that we spotted a few months ago will be one of the three devices on display at CES. The only other consumer item being introduced is the MediaBox, an Internet-enabled 80GB DVR that besides interactive television also offers streaming and downloadable content. Finally, Commodore will be showing off their Multimedia Tower, a kiosk designed for retail locations that allows users to download content directly onto memory cards for use on any number of devices.

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