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First commercial HD Satellite service for syndicated programs launches


We can't all be Matt Burns and have our own personal satellite and high speed Internet service for distributing and syndicating high definition content, so here is Point.360, the commercial satellite transmission service for the rest of us. Ok, distributing your high definition television shows etc. isn't going to be quite as simple as running down to Kinko's, but if you're a smaller network or producer without a satellite of your own (and I mean really, it's 2005, who doesn't?), this provides you that same functionality.

Just drop off your D-5 or HDCAM tape at Point.360's Highland Hollywood facility (open 24 hours, like Kinko's, or 7-11), they'll compress it, send it to GlobeCast via high speed internet link, decompress it, and send it up to the satellite to go anywhere in North America you want to broadcast it. The system is currently in use to deliver high definition content to CTV.


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