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Robin Williams is a sniper… in Battlefield 2


Robin Williams with fan: he's a sniper!A posting at Kev and Charlotte's blog talks about a chance meeting with the actor Robin Williams. Anyone would have thought it would be strange enough to go visit the flat you're renting and find an entire film crew, extras and a famous actor on the street corner. But to end up talking to the lead actor about videogames?! Now that's weird.

Apparently Robin was in town filming a movie called "Man of the Year". After he was done filming he started signing autographs and ended up talking to Kev. It seems that Kev had done his homework, as he already knew they had something in common: online videogames. So naturally he asked him what game he's been playing lately. Apparently, he's been gaming a lot online with Battlefield 2 and his favorite class is the sniper. So next time you're screaming at "that friggin' camper!", feel consoled; it may be a celebrity shooting at you.

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