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VOOM and MPEG-4 updates for Dish Network

Kevin C. Tofel

I give Charlie Ergen a ton of credit. Each month, either he or his tech folks over at Dish Network feature a one-hour program to give you the latest "dish" on the satellite service. The "Charlie Chat" for this month aired earlier this week and DBSTalk has a great summary for those that missed it. There are also rebroadcasts throughout the month and hey, why not PVR the darn thing?

Highlights from the Erg-meister this month include some high-def updates:

  • New HD programming will be in MPEG-4 format
  • HD locals launch in January in five cities
  • New York, L.A., Boston, Atlanta and Chicago are the first for HD locals
  • Expect five new markets for HD locals each month
  • 5 more VOOM channels will hit Dish in January via MPEG-4
  • The 21 VOOM HD channels will be condensed to 15 on Dish
  • ESPN2-HD available in January
The biggest question I have: why the heck wasn't the town called "Dish" on the first list for HD locals? They wuz robbed...

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