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Visto suing Microsoft over Windows Mobile-related patent infringement

Ryan Block, @ryan
Visto vs MS

We don't have a lot of information since the news just hit the wires, but apparently Visto, compatriot to NTP (as of, um, yesterday) and patent licensor to Vodafone, Cingular, and Sprint Nextel, is gonna try suing the pants off Microsoft over patent infringement related to PDA, cellphone, and data syncing-related technologies as found in Windows Mobile 5.0, especially with regard to their push email strategy with Exchange Server. Apparently the patents in question were developed almost ten years ago, so if Microsoft really is at fault here they have some serious 'splaining to do. Visto is expected to hold a press conference regarding the lawsuit later today, so we'll keep you updated with the vitals on this one.

[Via Yahoo]

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