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CNET reviews Pioneer's new plasma

Matt Burns

Pioneer Electronics may be slowing down their plasmas production but they still have get sets. CNET has a review up that covers their new 43-inch PureVision. We picked up on this new line way back in August and you might remember some of the features. If not: it has the usual deep blacks, bright whites and for some odd reason, this is a 43-inch set. Pioneer trimmed the bezel a bit and added a pedestal that is reminiscent of an Apple Cinema Display. (I am not saying that is a bad thing.)

How do they like it? They gave it an 8.0 but failed to put their seal of Editors Choice on it. Their biggest issue: the price. Plasmas are dropping at a rate of 2.9% a month but this TV is retailin' like it's 2004: $4,500. Sure it is a Pioneer, but it is not an Elite model. For that price you can get a great Hitachi or even a cheap Fujitsu. But to each its own I guess.

Check out the full review here.


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