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Hack your Roomba (officially!)

Marc Perton

roomba port

Roomba fans have been hacking their vacs for almost as long as the round robots have been on the market, but they haven't always had the blessing of Roomba-maker iRobot. That started to change earlier this year, when iRobot began pre-installing the software needed to control the bot via its serial port (above). Now, iRobot is going one further with the release of the iRobot Serial Control Interface, which will make it easier for owners of older Roombas to get the bots to do their bidding. Of course, actually using the SCI to mod your Roomba may void your warranty, but you knew that already. At least the folks at iRobot recognize that there's a market for hackers out there, and if you're ready to void your warranty, they may as well help you do it.


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