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LCD TV prices just keep on falling

Matt Burns

We all knew it was coming. The prices of LCD TVs were going to drop. Sure enough, they did. Two reasons: one, Christmas and two, demand is increasing. These TVs have had a great Christmas and they are reaching the point that everyone wants one; with the lower prices, almost everyone can afford them. The great news? They are going to keep dropping.

A "Street Price Survey" by DigiTimes shows that the price of 26-37-inch LCDs dropping up to a rate of 2.6% a month. Well, to be honest, it is the 32-inch segment that has that high of a percentage. 26 and 37-inchers are more like .8% and .4%. The report looks at plasmas and it is the same story. 42-inch plasmas are dropping 2.9% a month.

Did anyone pick up a great deal on a LCD or plasma this holiday season?


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